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Trees Cape Town – Habitat:

The owner and founder of Habitat, Dean Kingham, started the mature tree nursery in 1991. Today, the nursery has around 100 000 large and mature containerised trees – both indigenous and exotic ranging from young 20 litre containerised trees up to huge mature 40+ year old trees in massive 4000 litre containers. With Habitat, a tree is not just a tree. For trees in Cape Town you know who to contact!

Trees Cape Town – Products:

Whether you are looking to buy a feature tree for small spaces or mature trees to plant in a landscape garden estate, we’ve got it all. Picture your tree with its silhouette against a wall or the African sky! Choices are either an indigenous South African tree or an exotic tree, evergreen or deciduous (losing its winter leaves). Find a tree to use as a shade tree, a flowering tree or a screening tree. We offer a wide a varied selection of indigenous and exotic trees, both large and small – anyone is welcome to visit the nursery and take a look.

Trees Cape Town – Services:

We have well-qualified and experience colleagues to assist and advise you. We can also arrange site visits with our clients, this allows us to help you make important decisions. Further, we also have a full professional delivery, planting and installation service and dedicated after-care is requested. Our additional services include large tree relocation, rescue and harvesting as well as specialist service regarding indigenous cycads (Encephalartos species).

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