About Us

Habitats humble start began in 1991, which was the beginning of the original large & mature containerised tree nursery in South Africa. Owner & founder, Dean Kingham, has always been interested and passionate about trees, with a keen interest in bonsai from the tender age of about 12 years old. After military service and traveling for 2 years abroad, Dean returned to SA and amongst other things worked for a garden service where he realised there was a definite need for a nursery that could provide big trees. It became apparent that there was a market for such a nursery and service as privacy issues and impatience were a by-product of an ever growing suburbia. Developers, town planners, hotels, golf courses and wine estates etc, were all seeking large trees for instant appeal and impact. With this in mind, he began to buy a few of the biggest trees he could find in local nurseries each month. These would get transplanted and nurtured and kept in the back garden at his parents home. When there were 100 established large trees, Dean put an advert in the newspaper and never looked back. Today, the nursery has around 100 000 large and mature containerised trees both indigenous and exotic ranging from young 20 litre containerised trees up to huge mature 40+ year old trees in 4000 litre containers. Habitat Mature Tree Nursery has tended to clients from as far afield as England, Singapore, Angola and Namibia. Also of course Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town including the rest of the Cape Province.